Monday, January 25, 2016

The true about the MIZUHO name...

"MIZUHO" means beautiful riceplant. The owner JA1AMH Mr.Takada named his company as he wish everyone to remember the beautiful country and free quiet life with his QRP radio goods in this busy world.

( Thanks to Junichi Nakajima / JL1KRA )

Thanks to Caitlyn, K9NI and Rod, KH7L we can understand it better while reading...

On that official website Mr. Tsugo Takada, JA1AMH, explains the reason the name Mizuho was chosen. Here is a translation from the Japanese:
"In days gone by, Japan was known by the name of Mizuho, "the land where beautiful rice plants grow in abundance". The water was pure and clean - and the rice plants would ripen every autumn. It was a beautiful country with an abundance of nature.
In recent years, while human life has become ever more convenient, our calmness and the precious feeling of nature has been lost. Even with your busy life, I would love for you to enjoy Musen (Amateur Radio) and to feel relaxed. For this reason I chose Mizuho Communications as the name of the company."
NOTE: It is very difficult to precisely translate the term Mizuho into English. To many Japanese it is an expression that is poetic, romantic and sentimental. It generally evokes images and longings for an idyllic, peaceful past. This is but one possible translation.

(Caitlyn Martin / K9NI, Mizuho Reflector founder)

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