Monday, January 25, 2016

Available Mizuho MX series QRP gears later...

The MIZUHO MX series QRP products with my comments here are just as an information for foreign QRP friends. It was possible to purchase them 10-15% off at amateur radio retailers in Tokyo ($1=YEN125) in 2000-2007.

Transceiver(we call them Pico series):

MX-6S 32,000yen 50MHz SSB/CW 1W

MX-7S 32,000yen 7MHz SSB/CW 2W

MX-21S 32,000yen 21MHz SSB/CW 2W

PL-6S 21,600yen 50MHz Linear 10W

PL-7S 21,600yen 7MHz Linear 10W

PL-21S 21,600yen 21MHz Linear 10W

The smallest CW/SSB transceiver in the world. 
S/RF meter, Noise-branker, Attenuator installed handy talky type QRP rig. VXO A/B channel selection of each 50Khz(below 7MHz:25KHz) coverage. IF is 11MHz.11Tr 3IC. The company sporadically make 3.5,14,18,28MHz version. It is very difficult to buy them because many amateur want to have it. Now only completed Pico transceiver is supplied. I suppose many failed to complete kit and troubled company.

Options for Pico:

PM1 3,300yen DC-DC converter

MS-1 4,600yen SpeakerMic

PR3-S 4,500yen Lack mount (MX,CW-2S,PL)

CW-2S 8,400yen CW semi-break-in unit /w sidetone

BM-6 1,500yen lather bag

PS-2 3,600yen AC adapter

Crystal 1,800yen any desired 25/50Khz band

PAN-62 5,200yen pocket dipole 50/144

AN-50 3,600yen 50MHz lod antenna

AN-7 4,800yen 7MHz lod antenna

AN-21 4,800yen 21MHz lod antenna

Pico need 9V power (AAA battery x 6). Feeding 12V will destroy the unit. I think the DC-DC is expensive you can make 9V with 7808 and one Di between the GND. CW-2S is recommended for CW operation.

Kits and misc.:

QP-21 3,000yen 21MHz 1W CW transmitter

QP-7 3,000yen 7MHz 1W CW transmitter

CK-1D 9,000yen Currtis Electric keyer

VFO-5D 6,000yen stable 5-5.5M VFO module

VFO-5D 6,000yen stable 7-7.1M VFO module

MA-1 1,300yen audio amp module

MA-20A 2,000yen Mic amp module

PF-1A 2,500yen CW peak filter module

KX-50K 8,000yen 50MHz antenna coupler

QP series are the most famous kit with fixed crystal.
It does not change the price more than 10 years. The VFOs are sealed module with iron case.Japanese QRPer use this unit to avoid difficult unstable VFO problem which annoys other station.

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