Thursday, February 11, 2016

Where to buy Mizuho radios - short guide

As I am getting lot of emails regarding the purchasing Mizuhos there I am posting my few hints where to look for them.

Unfortunately it is very hard to find Mizuho for sale now. Most of the Mizuhos become collectibles and they are not available for sale at all. In rare cases they are going very high...

As the starting point with Mizuho radios I can recommend to looking for MX-21S which is the best choice for on-air operation/DXing I guess. Also there was huge production of MX-21S I guess so this model is not as rare as MX-14S or even worse MX-18S or MX-24S, MX-2F etc.

Sometime you can find Mizuho on eBay, but nothing currently available if I remember well.
If you would not like to get tons of MIZUHO KAZAMI figures in your search results :( then I can recommend to put as key word "Mizuho transceiver" or "Mizuho QRP" or combination with something related to ham radio in the searching tool...

Also you can join our group here:
and try to ask members if someone would like to sale something.

Also please try to check these swappments:,23.0.html

The most important when you are looking for Mizuho radios is:
but be prepared for japanese language and registration with prepaid is needed.

Hope it helps a bit.

best regards,
73 - Petr, OK1RP

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